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Domestic ceramic color glaze industry five new changes
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Domestic ceramic color glaze industry five new changes Source: April 14, 2014 [] the research network [] to share traditional print: In research reuters: After 2011, 2012, 2013, three years, China's ceramic industry in the ceramic product output, product structure, ink-jet technology application happened great changes, and ceramic glaze color products exports also increased significantly. As a result, the 2013 China ceramic color glaze industry gave birth to many new changes. 1, ceramic tile production growth 2010 China building ceramic tiles production 75.7566 million square meters; sanitary ceramics production for 1.7784 billion; amounted to 2.7 billion annual production of ceramics for daily use, which art ceramic output of more than 500 million. Building sanitary ceramics, Chinese ceramics are the first in the world manufacturing power, consumer and exporter. 2013 ceramic tile production of square meters, three years of production growth of 21.24 square meters, up 27.9%. Research Report of ceramic color glaze Market prospect forecast and analysis report of Chinese automatic health massage bed 2014-2018 Market depth research and investment value analysis of China disposable sanitary products industry in 2014-2018 April 2014 2014-2018 inorganic ceramic film industry domestic and foreign market development forecast and investment comparative analysis 2014-2018 sanitary ceramics industry, domestic and international market development forecast and investment analysis report One hundred and twenty-three In 2010 China's construction ceramics, sanitary ceramics, ceramics for daily use use color glaze total 490.86 million tons; the into glaze 397.32 million tons, the whole cast glaze (including printing glaze) 140900 tons, bodystain 73.29 million tons, glaze with pigment 6.16 million tons, in 2010 I Guose glaze export 20.6 million tons. In 2010 the total yield of 5 million 114 thousand and 600 tons of ceramic color glaze. In 2010 I Guose glaze product export average unit price per ton 5300 yuan calculation (in fact 2013 Guose glaze export average unit price more than 8000 yuan / ton), the output value of China's 2010 ceramic color glaze for 271.07 billion yuan of RMB. In 2010 5 million 114 thousand and 600 tons of color glaze production, color glaze tile products 4 million 383 thousand and 800 tons. If you think that the colored glaze tile and tile output is synchronous with the growth in the proportion, 2013 years building ceramics color glaze production synchronous increase of 27.9%, growth 122.31 million tons, the total 560.69 million tons, calculated according to the 2010 color glaze products export average unit price of 5300 yuan, increasing long the 64.824 billion yuan. 2, ceramic tile product structure change Ceramic tile product structure of the three years the biggest change is a large number of all cast glaze, micro crystal products into the market. In particular, the emergence of new tiles marble tiles, by the manufacturers, consumers. In this three years, the whole cast glaze products at least doubled, if taking into account the antique brick, accounted for almost antique brick products half, microcrystalline stone products also have substantial growth. The growth of these two products of color glaze industry directly promote is polished enamel glaze, ceramic frit, ink-jet printing application increased a lot, also increases the glaze of specialized production. 3, a large number of inkjet printing applications, ceramic ink localization process to accelerate By the end of 2011, China's ceramic tile industry online inkjet machine spent around 130 units, by the end of 2013 China ceramic tile industry online inkjet flower machine reach 2000 units. 2011 domestic ink application of less than 5%, and in 2013 the domestic ink has occupied 30% share, and the share is constantly expanding, is expected to the end of 2014 domestic ink will exceed 50% of the share. If according to every inkjet spent a year on average use ink 10 tons of calculation, the 2013 China ceramic ink market is 2 million tons, domestic ink 30% share, is 6000 tons, 10 million yuan per ton, 2013 China ceramic ink market share of about 6 billion yuan. Conservative estimates by the end of 2014 domestic ceramic tile industry ink-jet printing machine will reach 3000 units, also is domestic ceramic ink market will reach 3 million tons, domestic ink scheduled to reach 50% share, will reach 1.5 million tons, this part of the market value will have 12-15 billion yuan RMB, taking into account the price decline). 4, the increase in the production of sanitary ceramics To 17784 million in 2010 China's output of sanitary ceramics, sanitary ceramics production in 2013 20621, an increase of 28.37 million pieces, the relative growth of 15.95%. 2010 China sanitary ceramics glaze material 7.11 million tons, if and output synchronization grows in the same proportion, sanitary ceramics color glaze growth 1.13 million tons, according to 5300 yuan per ton, growth of 5989 million yuan. 5, color glaze export increase In 2010 China's ceramic color glaze export 206467 tons, exports of $161 million 870 thousand. In 2013 China's ceramic color glaze export 212584 tons, exports of $292 million 510 thousand. The amount of exports increased by $130 million 640 thousand, an increase of 80.71%, the growth of 784 million yuan ($1 per =6 yuan RMB). The next few years, with a substantial increase in exports of domestic ink, China ceramic color glaze production also will grow. In summary, 2013 China ceramic color glaze industry domestic market share at least 350 billion yuan RMB (relative 2010 grew by 80 billion yuan). All the signs indicate that ceramic color glaze industry will further increase, especially the wide application of ceramic ink, the localization of the increasingly high degree, greatly promoted the development of ceramic industry. And ceramics color glaze industry in the process of development, enterprise scale is growing, well-known brands will continue to improve, high-end products concentration increased.
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